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American Property Consultants & Appraisers, Inc. Estate Valuation Consultants, Inc.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
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American Property was formed in 1969 to meet the specialized needs of the real estate industry. In April of 1989 a market research firm was acquired by American Property to provide additional research capabilities and to broaden the company's services through a highly sophisticated database system.

Shane LeMon, MAI, CCIM, is the President and owner of both companies. His experience covers over twenty-five years in the commercial appraisal field, and four years in taxation and accounting. His extensive education and experience have made him a recognized appraiser in the State of New Mexico, and bring to the firms a sound understanding of the various appraisal services needed in today's market.

American Property Consultants & Appraisers, Inc.

Phone number 505 343-0400
Fax number 505 343-0330
2420 Midtown Place NE, Suite A
Albuquereque, NM 87107